Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another European peeve......

Today I was sitting around thinking about why I hate and loathe living in Europe, and one thing constantly comes to mind....


No, not gridiron, good 'ol American football, I'm talking that bullshit we call soccer.

Frankly, I just don't get it. Watching it alone is an eyesore. If you've ever seen a European football match you'll know what I mean. As popular as the sport is - they have more advertisements than you can shake a stick at. And I don't just mean "toss a banner for Volvo" on the sidelines, I mean all out craziness. Computer-generated ads are constanly being shown on the playing field grass, and just about anything with an inch of room has some logo plastered on it. The players' uniforms look more like something out of NASCAR than a real uniform - if some merchant can feel there is enough space on some dude's asscrack I'll be damned if some phone company won't slap one there the next day.

"Check it out, the AIG's just whooped the hell out of those Samsungs! Oh mean that's Manchester United and Chelsea? Well how the hell can you tell, why isn't THAT on their jerseys?"

The only thing funnier than the two guys looking like told above is that die-hard soccer fans actually PAY for jerseys like this to show their support to impersonalte the toolage. Talk about walking advertisements. I mean, sure...the players get paid enough to wear that shit...but why would anyone want to pay to wear a walking commercial?

.......thus sayeth the bitter old bitch, anyway.

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Neal Snow said...

I agree.

Besides, soccer aka futbol is for fags. REAL men play m'f'n FOOTBALL.