Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ok, sure why not?: FIFTEEN FUN BUS STOPS

We all know how shitty waiting for the bus can be. If only all bus stops could be this awesome and entertaining!

I demand all bus stops have hammocks. I NEED that in my life.

....thus sayeth the Bitter Old Bitch.

Friday, May 22, 2009


HAPPY FRIDAY KIDDIES! Here's your usual weekend-starting dose of random picture insanity. Hope your weekend rocks and your hangovers are minimal.

....thus sayeth the Bitter old Bitch

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Most Homosexually-Charged Video Game Ever?

.....could be. The new Muscle March game for Wii...filled with more "friends of Dorothy" than Munchkinland itself. Thanks Japan!

No matter what kiddos...muscles + rainbows + guys in bear suits = WIN!!!

....thus sayeth the Bitter Old Bitch

Saturday, May 16, 2009


And now, part one in an upcoming series, the Bitter Old Bitch presents.......

The Museum of Taxidermy!!!!

Welcome to the gallery, children. I am the Bitter Old Bitch and I will be your guide for today's tour. Today we'll be taking a look at some of the best (and worst) displays of taxidermy art. But I see you are all very anxious to get follow me and let's begin the tour...remember, please try and refrain from handling the art, and no photography please, postcards are available at the Gift Shop. Today we will be looking at:

Fishin' Squirrel

Flying drinking monkey

Hedgehog business card holder

Mouse in a trap...oh the fun one can have with one of these at the office! Unlike the real deal, this stuffed version can be used again and again and never decays!

Boxing Prairie Dogs

Rodeo Toads

Computer Mouse

Piggy pull-toy

Cowboy squirrel

Basketball wildcat...which if you all will kindly take a look to your left, you will see his nemesis....

...Football badger

Here we have a lovely set of smoking room squirrels...and over here...

...we have a dead kitten tea party

Adorable, isn't it?
Now, looking to your right......

...we have a soldier squirrel...ready for battle! More than likely he is here to defend the contents of....

Decanter Squirrel.

Because nothing says "class" like pouring your friends a glass of fine wine from Rocky's decapitated corpse!

Here we have a lovely set of marriage mice. But today is no single wedding, kids! We're upping the ante and making it a double!....

....with a dead kitten wedding.

Now I know what you are thinking. "Gee, B.O.B. - these are a lot of squirrels and mice and small animals, isn't there anything bigger? Where are the large animals?"

Well kids, the larger the animals get, the more it costs to stuff them. That's why you see so many small animals in the gallery. But those of you that enjoy large animals, have no worry....there are a great amount of specialists out there who can still provide you a large animal at a discounted price. Just ask this horse lover over here....

You'd be amazed the deals you can get! She has her favorite horse forever...and at the bargain price of 80% off the full retail price!

Now, for the last part of your first tour...let's wander off into the gallery of fashion...shall we? Follow me...

Here we have a set of lovely mouse brooches and just down the hall we have another mouse accessory...

An albino mouse pendant. Trés Chic!

And now on to our last exhibit for today.... authentic Louis Vuitton handbag for your dog. Er, I mean...of your dog.

I'll let you ponder upon that one for a while.

See you for the next tour.....we'll be open for more taxidermy fun real soon!

....thus sayeth the Bitter Old Bitch.