Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You know what always makes me smile?

....badly translated socks at the dollar store. :)

...right back 'atcha Captain..... YUP. :)


Neal Snow said...

I hope to heaven you bought a pair or three. Everyone should have at least one pair of Captain Fuck brand socks. If it says "Captain Fuck", you know it's gotta be made with the finest quality materials, crafted by true artists whose hands were touched by the angels on high. Oh hell yeah.


Amen, brother! And night-movement hamster is also a big hit with the kiddos. ;)

By the way, never got to tell you in the last comment area Neal; but your job is frikkin' awesome. Those belts are so cool!

Neal Snow said...

Hey Bitter Old Bitch (geez, I love that name),

That's only my side job. Can you believe I actually get paid to read comic books all day, while drawing cartoon characters which brings me even more moolah? I'm living a nerdy semi-charmed life.

BTW, here's a heads up to something kinda funny making the rounds on amazon.com of all places. Slap the following link together and join the obnoxious fun -


Bad Cop Tugga Thugga said...

I actually bought these socks for my cats! I got the pirate f*ck socks for Mr. Burt Reynolds because he is kind of a rebel and, like his mum, has had to wear the occasional eye patch. Mr. Pootie Tang on the other hand loves hamsters. His favorite hamster is a little girl named Stewart (long story). Someday they are gonna meet in the Thunderdomes of hamster wheels and engage in a race to the death! (that is if Stewart doesn't die of natural causes first).

Neal, those are some spiffy shirts! Wonder if they come in children's sizes (for my cats!). They are in desperate need of new summer clothes, it is just too dang warm to be wearing sweaters and jackets anymore.

Shelley said...

Neal, that link is awesome. The comments on that shirt have me cracking up!!!!!!!!!

So, BOB, thanks for the sock picture. I'll have to pick some up.


Neal: Sorry for being late to post....I've got a few VERY BUSY days ahead of me personal-wise....

...but my GOD thanks for sending me the wolf link shirt, that was the BOMBORINO!

I haven't laughed that hard in I don't know how long...those comments are golden! :D