Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yeah, ok...I know...random picture day is always Friday. Bad, B.O.B....BAD!

But honestly, I can explain...

You see, yesterday after I was working down at the local homeless shelter I had to run by the orphanage and donate a quilt I had made, then before I went recycling I saw there was a blood drive going on and I ended up donating so much I was extremely sleepy and went to bed early.

*looks around*

OK...OK.... I see you aren't buying it. So truth is I went bowling and got drunk, then I proceeded to create a castle out of Bud Light boxes and passed out inside it. SUE ME. Hrmph.

Anyhow, though a day late, here are some random pics to keep your weekend rolling steady!

...I'll make it up to you with an awesome post concerning dead animals today. Promise. You'll see.

....thus sayeth the Bitter Old Bitch

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Bad Cop Tugga Thugga said...

Ohhhh!! That kitty tower is so smart! I need to invest in one of those so I can make my dream of owning 20 cats come true! The only thing holding me back right now is lack of space, but if I invest in one of the ingenious cat-stackers I should have no problem housing them!