Saturday, May 9, 2009


Finally, time for more fun with electricity! We now present to you part two of...


If you missed part one, be sure to check it out!

Now...tally-forth, kiddos...and onto the last set of 15 shockingly fun images!:

WARNING: God does not tolerate kite worshiping. All heathens will be smited.

WARNING: Washing clothes manually may suck, but suicide is not your only way out.

WARNING: You can not vacuum fire.

WARNING: Unless you're trying to get a telegram from the Grim Reaper, stabbing it with scissors just isn't gonna fix it, moron.

WARNING: Though tempting, please refrain from grabbing the giant phallic oven rod.

WARNING: If you've managed to put on a bra, nightie, gartered stockings and even heels since getting out of the shower, your hair probably isn't wet anymore.

WARNING: Unless your name is Flava Flav, the wearing of a giant oversized telephone necklace is a fashion crime punishable by death.

WARNING: Just because it looks like fun to pee on, doesn't mean it is. And stop using a backhanded grip while grabbing your junk. It makes you look silly.

The 1933 version of the "Slap Chop" was not as easy to clean as Vince had promised on the infomercial.

WARNING: Don't ever think you are safe. EVER. Stay dirty, stay alive!

WARNING: Even rats can't resist the sweet, sweet taste of death.

WARNING: Electrocuting yourself won't garner attention from Daddy, he's just too busy to care. When in doubt, try the trusted method of becoming a stripper.

WARNING: Exorcism in progress.

WARNING: Do not use electricity in an attempt to curdle milk faster. It doesn't work.

WARNING: Though effective, please refrain from using electricity to neuter your pet.

Enjoy your day, and remember; beware the rat smart enough to chew the ground wire....

....thus sayeth the Bitter Old Bitch.

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Sandy said...

hahaha, these are hilarious....where do you find this stuff, ha! I'll have to check out part one.