Tuesday, May 12, 2009


An oldie but still a long running favorite of the B.O.B. - I know most of my buds have been forced into seeing this by me but it is too good not to continue sharing. For those who have never witnessed the fun created when potato salad and contortionist shenanigans collide into one heaping ball of awesome, this is for you.

The fun starts around 1:00, but the video is well worth a full watch. Catchy tune too!


Bad Cop said...

Ah! Good ole Potatoe Salad! It makes me long for those simpler times when going on the road with your sisters and doing crazy things with your body wasn't just a part of Spring Break and Girls Gone Wild. *Sigh* I am currently training the cat (adopted) brother pair of Burt R and Pootie T to put on a show involving a ring of fire, bipedalism and rapping (old skool style) for cat snacks. However, no matter how cat-tastic their road show is it will never ever compare the Potatoe Salad Trio.

Jill said...

Freakishly unsettling YET groovy!!

mustdestroyalltraces said...

yes... there's something strange about crossing jazzy fifties tunes with contortionists that makes my gut turn... just a little bit.

pretty crazy stuff. awesome though. especially that crazy three person cartwheel at the end. intense.