Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ever wonder how many different ways you can electrocute yourself to death? Well wonder no more, for today we present....

*drum roll*


That's right children, take a peek at the many ways you too can be fried to a crisp, all from the comforts of your own home.

I'm particularly amused at how the artist warns people about many scenarios that seem, well..."improbable" to put it mildly. Whoever drew these scenes was one sick puppy with a hell of an imagination. KUDOS!

Without further ado, here is part one of our two part "Crazy 1933 German Electrocution Handbook" gallery. Enjoy!

WARNING: Not for use as a pacifier.

WARNING: If you are dumb enough to put a lamp over your tub, you deserve what you get.

WARNING: Electricity gets jealous if you decide to go with candles instead of electric lights on your Christmas tree.

WARNING: Stopping dam leaks with your finger is a Dutch thing in which German electricity refuses to tolerate.

WARNING: Shamwows are awesome, but may cause electrocution.

WARNING: Simpletons spontaneously bursting out air guitar solos will not be tolerated by any means.

WARNING: Frayed electrical cords may appear dirtier than they actually are.

WARNING: Do not listen to your ipod and practice your pop and lock moves while ironing.

WARNING: Read your damn book inside the house.

WARNING: 1933 technology is not far advanced enough for the iron to do the work itself.

WARNING: Darwinism at work.

WARNING: Don't ever, ever piss off your mailman.

WARNING: Do not leave your "SüperEnema 5000" kit unattended.

WARNING: Just because you are a train conductor doesn't mean you can't be another kind of conductor too.

WARNING: Douchebags may be tempted to use electricity as the "ultimate prank".

Stay tuned for part 2!

NOTE: PART 2 is now up!

....thus sayeth the bitter old bitch.


Jaywalker said...

I want to print this out and keep it close to my heart. Waiting for part two with desperate impatience.


Thanks Jaywalker. :)

I promise you won't have to wait long. Part II will be up on Saturday (tomorrow!). Glad you're enjoying these. :D There's still more German crazy electro-goodness to be had.

- The B.O.B.

Tlou said...

WHAT A RIOT! Thanks for sharing!

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