Friday, May 22, 2009


HAPPY FRIDAY KIDDIES! Here's your usual weekend-starting dose of random picture insanity. Hope your weekend rocks and your hangovers are minimal.

....thus sayeth the Bitter old Bitch


Bad Cop Tugga Thugga said...

That kitty is so stylin in his little outfit! I may have to pick up similar ones for my boys Burt Reynolds and Pootie Tang.

Although I must say I was a bit offended by the blatent visiblity of his genitals! **I always make sure Burt and Poots have their junk covered. No one wants to see that!**

jan said...

The SWAT team and the kitten is my dog' dream come true.

Miss Rosa said...

Oh. My.

PennyLane said... the cookie montser one!

Sandy said...

whoa those toenails!!

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